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might lead us to expect. Erickson begins with what many scholars think they know about gender and early modern laws regarding property: that it favors men primarily through primogeniture, which confers land on an eldest son, rather than dividing it equally among heirs, or granting it to the eldest child, even if female, and through coverture, which she defines in her glossary as "the common law fiction that a husband and wife were one person and that one was the husband; she being figuratively covered by him, she had independent legal identity at common law for purposes of civil, and to some extent criminal, suits" (237). While, at the level of theory, both principles were so rigorous and stringent as to be unique to early modern England, they were also, as Erickson shows in some detail, "unworkable in practice." Many women never married; pre marital settlements enabled some wives to maintain control of property; the good will of fathers and husbands led them to make more generous arrangements for their children, wives, and widows, than the law strictly required; fathers and husbands died; widows lived long after their husbands.

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